Burk In The Harbor


I am a compulsive “doer” who seldom relaxes—a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. I love to garden and preserve, often giving vegetables and fruit grown in my garden and orchard to family, friends, and clients. My interest in flower gardens sometimes results in extra bulbs or plants I also give away! Baking is a pastime I enjoy when I find myself with extra leisure time as well as spending time with my grandchildren. I have lived and worked in the Gig Harbor area since 1984, and I love meeting new people! I believe that everyone is unique and has something they want to share about themselves. I like to find out what that is and make a connection with everyone I meet. I have over 20 years of professional experience and also providing excellent customer service will be a great attribute in my real estate transactions—specifically my in-depth knowledge of speculative and custom construction. For the past 14 years, I have owned an accounting business where I provided bookkeeping services for local small and home-based businesses. Before that, I worked as an executive secretary for four years in an Idaho high school, where I divided my time between accounting and secretarial responsibilities. After moving to Gig Harbor, I was the office manager and technical editor for 17 years at an environmental consulting firm specializing in hydrogeology.


I have dreamed of creating homes for as long as I can remember. When contemplating what to do for a career (during my senior year at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock), I was introduced to real estate and saw huge potential. I then viewed creating homes in a completely different way—a way in which I could help families and friends establish and secure the perfect home. After finishing my real estate schooling during college, I came back home to start my real estate career. When opportunity called to further enhance my career after many years of building a team alongside Debbie, the decision to transition into financing home loans with Absolute Mortgage was simple. With the real estate resources I built and developed over those 4 years, I will be able to bring to the table the knowledge of knowing all sides and aspects of each transaction making the detection of issues easier to deal with well in advance for a seamless transaction. Knowing that Debbie and myself worked great together over the last 3+ years has ensured to me that this venture will be a huge success for not only us but most importantly you!